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Corporate Field Day by TeamworkEvents Powered by Atlanta Sport & Social Club


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Determine Your Event Length and Group Size

To kick things off, figure out how long you want your event to be and the size of your group. Our most popular in-person events and Adult Field Days are ideal for groups of 20 or more. However, we've got options for groups of all sizes and events! We're all about customization to meet your needs

Explore Event Types

Consider the kind of event that suits your team. Do your colleagues prefer party games, puzzle challenges, or sporty activities? Take a look at our in-person events for inspiration. If you're unsure about what's the best fit for your group, no worries – we're here to assist, and we even offer customized event experiences.

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Pricing Inquiry

You might be wondering about the costs. Our event pricing varies based on the size of your group, the duration of the event, and the type of event you select. To get a personalized quote, simply click on the request a quote button, and we'll schedule a call to provide you with all the pricing details.

Book Your Event

If everything sounds great, and you're ready to book your event, request a quote. Share some information about your group, your preferred dates, and the type of event you're interested in. We'll then set up a call with one of our TeamWork Events consultants to address any queries you have and get your event on the calendar. Let's make it happen!

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